About the “Otzma” Center

The “Otzma” Center is a registered association which was founded in 1987, as an apolitical body. The center is an organizational framework incorporating clubs and athletes from all over the country.

The “Otzma” Center has dozens of affiliated sports clubs across the country, in Olympic and non-Olympic disciplines. About 15,000 athletes are enrolled in the clubs (70% of them children and teenagers).

The “Otzma” Center works to achieve its objectives in close cooperation with all sports institutions and organizations.


The “Otzma” Center’s Activities

The “Otzma” Center attaches great importance to the development and enhancement of clubs, teams, athletes and coaches throughout the country, while emphasizing the administrative and educational aspects of sport and encouraging achievement.

Among the Center’s activities are:

pointer Assistance in establishing clubs and teams
pointer Grants and scholarships for competitive and outstanding
pointer Assistance to clubs in national and international projects
pointer Promotion of sporting activities in the community
pointer Running conferences and lectures for training
    and enrichment purposes
pointer Assistance to clubs in areas such as: legal, accounting,
    insurance, professional and more, while maintaining the
    independent characterof the associations in terms of
    management, professionalism and finances
pointer Public relations activities and media exposure for the
   center’s clubs and their athletes
pointer Professional assistance to clubs and coaches, in order to
    raise their level of professionalism.




pointer Well-developed sporting activities in all sporting disciplines around the country while fostering the rules of decency, fair play and promoting the values of education, tolerance and prevention of violence

pointer Excellence and achievement in all sports

pointer A variety of sports clubs operating independently in terms of management, professionalism and finances.


Establishment of independent sports clubs in all sporting disciplines and in all population sectors

pointer  Encouraging the existence of competitive and popular sporting activities ("Sports for Everyone") all over the country and for all age groups

pointer Assistance to clubs in administrative matters under the requirements of the law and regulations

pointer Assistance to clubs, teams, athletes and coaches through scholarships and designated foundations.

Sports Mean More than Medals

We at “Otzma” believe that athletes should first and foremost be people of values. Fairness, education and action for the common good, alongside achievement and excellence are the guiding principles we believe in. The center supports, encourages and rewards athletes and clubs who alongside their athletic activity, also contribute to the community in:

pointer Community volunteer activity

pointer Adoption of disadvantaged athletes and their integration into the clubs

pointer Holding sporting events for everyone.

Fairness and Honesty

The “Otzma” Center has set as its motto the value of "good sportsmanship", in the belief that playing by the rules, fairness and prevention of violence are integral to the quality and level of sports in Israel. The Center encourages and promotes the activities of athletes and teams to reach national and international achievements and at the same time, maintain the values of fair sport.

Assistance Funds

The “Otzma” Center helps clubs, teams, athletes and coaches with:

pointer Assistance in establishing clubs and teams

pointer Assistance for holding competitive and “Sports for Everyone" events

pointer Assistance to disadvantaged athletes

pointer Assistance for athletes, coaches and club managers in taking advanced studies and professional courses

pointer Quarterly scholarships for competitive athletes (in Olympic and non-Olympic disciplines)

pointer Grants for achievements for accomplished athletes in international arenas

pointer Special awards for outstanding athletes and clubs, clubs that contribute to the community and others.

Otzma - Israel Center Of Sport Clubs

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